Expidata increases efficiency by solving a number of common problems on industrial projects and sites:

    • • It creates a master database in one place, with all relevant information, rather than multiple versions of multiple documents causing confusion.
    • • The handover to the customer is easy. Nothing is lost in translation, because it can be used by the customer as it is.
    • • It aids regulatory compliance by complying to standards. These tools include storage and retrieval of dossiers inspection sheets, summary schedules, and storage of certifications
    • • It keeps historic data about a site in one place, so that with any new project one is able to use that information immediately, without having to find it from somewhere or recreate it from scratch.
    • • Standardized validations on data entry and standardized reports aid productivity greatly. For example, on creating a wiring schedule, a standard report can be generated to Excel or PDF for purposes of generating labels.